when its four in the morning and u cant sleep u know theres a problem

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So my college is making me do these two online courses called AlcoholEdu and Haven and I’m doing the Haven one right now and it’s about relationships and the bad shit that can happen and assault and all that and it’s including every type of relationship out there and how to help and prevent it and that makes me really happy

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Final Fantasy VII MBTI Types [1/2] (based on x)

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ive been thinking about stuf.f.. 

its hard to cut hair with a gas mask onz

villains weekfavorite villain
↳ hades

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HTTDY OST - Forbidden Friendship. To view sketches click here:- http://taffydesu.tumblr.com/post/92167139644/did-some-sketches-of-baby-hiccup-and-toothless-in

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My Neighbor Totoro Desktop Wallpapers for 

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The girl who fell from the sky - Laputa

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the creatures + video games - inspired by x

Max Payne shoulda been the gif of Aleks turning around as the air marshal in Non Stop movie trip. lol

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Michael is gonna be the dad that goes “Don’t tell mom”

"Dad she’s gonna notice that you dyed my hair neon pink"

"not if you wear a hat"

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