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クリア加藤ミチル [pixiv]


Tobirama’s send off was shit,but at least his smirk was on point.image

Farewell to not only the da vinci but also nostradamus of Naruto who foresaw this shit happening.


To be honest, Mizuki didn’t really need a route, because if it weren’t for him being manipulated into kidnapping Tae, Aoba may never have had the idea of fighting to stop Toue. Because of Mizuki’s manipulated state and his actions, Tae had an opportunity to finally tell Aoba about his powers (although it was too late in Mizuki’s case *silently crying*). In my mind Mizuki is one of the most important characters because of this. 

This picture is sort of a way for me to express that we owe him more love! I hope you agree~


title: ねぇ、まーだー?
circle/main writer: Sweeping booM/李香
pairing: none
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download: mediafire, mega (98.0mb)

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A ghoul with an Ukaku is characterized by a monotony of attack that depend entirely on speed. But they are fundamentally short on stamina. If you stretch out a short confrontation, their fighting strength drops considerably.




일단 완성했으니 텀블러에도 올려야지 _(:3ㄱㄴ)_